Tequila and Mezcal Bar La Ofrenda Brings the Spirit of Mexico to Over-the-Rhine

“Taking a trip down memory lane” is a fluttery idiom used to describe reminiscing about experiences past, typically happy ones. But reexamining those memories can also conjure up a deep regret of overlooking the best parts of what was right in front of you. It’s through this examination that Jacob Trevino, owner of La Ofrenda discovered a way to honor his own past — by bringing it to the present.

Cincinnati’s Beekeeping Culture is Helping Save the Species While Promoting the Age-Old Practice of Apiculture

It’s 5:30 a.m. on a recent Wednesday morning. Krystle and Cory Gaiser of the Gaiser Bee Company have just arrived back in Cincinnati with 2.6 million bees in tow. The husband-wife team drove through the night from their supplier in Patterson, Georgia and now they’re back on their suburban West Side farm, where they’ll distribute their haul for their annual bee pickup day.

Hero's Journey

When the Freedom Center first opened its doors in 2004, The Banks was still several years away from becoming the booming attraction it is today. Ongoing construction delays only served to hurt the Center, which was isolated between the two stadiums in what resembled an ongoing construction zone for years. As Cincinnatians continue to familiarize themselves with the area and The Banks continues to grow, the Freedom Center looks forward to increasing its presence and attracting more foot traffic to its exhibits and educational efforts.

Garden Karma

For garden visionary Chris Smyth, sustainability coordinator of neighborhood nonprofit Price Hill Will (PHW), an empty yard is more than a patch of dirt. It’s a blank canvas. It’s a start for a sustainable lifestyle and a place for education and transformation to blossom within a neighborhood. It may seem audacious to say a patch of dirt is the start of a movement, but a PHW initiative called Grow It Forward Gardens is proving to be a small ripple in a big pond of change, taking it one garden at a time.